Online Blended Learning

AIQ Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Course
& HMB Introductory Pilates Mat Teacher Status
Qualification Accreditation No: 501/1778/6 

This course has been designed by:

  • Sarah Harris, 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher with a degree in teaching, also considered an official disciple of Lolita San Miguel. 

  • Philip Harris a Chartered Physiotherapist with a masters degree who works with professional athletes and runs a full-time physio clinic.

  • Active IQ guidelines in achieving the criteria required for the Diploma aspect of this qualification.

Start as soon as you like

Pre Requisites:

  •  Age 16 years +

  • Some knowledge of Pilates is valuable.

  • Understand that the work set and expected from you is at the level 3 diploma standard and that HMB has its own high standards too.

  • Appreciate that this is a blended online course:

    • You will study theory online.

    • You have to physically practice what you learn.

    • You have written work to complete - 7 units.

    • You will have lots of home study.

    • You will have online sessions with your HMB Tutor via Zoom.

    • One day of group training.

    • Need to film your final practical exam for assessment - this is the final step on this course.


Please note - you are encouraged to complete this course within a year  of purchasing your first lesson. You can work at your own pace, some will work through all this quicker than others - please keep in contact with your HMB Tutor who will support you through this course every step of the way.


Within your course registration you will need to prove who you are with a driving license or passport and 10 second video.


Course Aim

For you to become a Pilates Mat Teacher - to the best of your ability.

You will complete this course feeling more than ready to start your career as a Pilates Mat Teacher.


We are here to guide you on your journey and will help you feel confident as you reach the conclusion this course.

  •  We will provide a nourishing environment for you to achieve. 

  • We will support you every step of the way.

Course Objectives

To provide you with the learning criteria required and more; for you to become a AIQ L3 HMB Pilates Mat Teacher

You will learn how to care and support your clients as you deliver safe, fun and effective Pilates. 

  • Complete and pass the 7 units of the Active IQ (AIQ) Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP).

  • You will learn a basic 117 Pilates movements.

  • You will learn how to adapt, regress and progress movements to suit your clients.

  • You will acknowledge the 34 Contrology exercises and the building blocks required to teach/achieve and work towards those exercises.

  • You will learn a one hour set class in detail

  • You learn learn how to design and write your own classes.
  • You will deliver your own class in your practical exam.
  • You will understand how to teach a group class as well as a 1-1.

Course Assessment

Everything needed to complete this Diploma Qualification  

Complete your LAP - Learner Achievement Portfolio (7 units)

  1. Anatomy & physiology for exercise and health                             multiple choice exam paper ​ 

  2. Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity worksheet.

  3. Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment                           worksheet.

  4. Principles of exercise, fitness and health                                                   multiple choice exam paper.

  5. Principles of Pilates matwork                                                                   worksheet.

  6. Programming Pilates matwork                                                                           client interview / group profile / lesson plan / worksheet

  7. Instructing Pilates Matwork                                                                          practical exam

You can email or post us your work for marking

(email is more efficient).

Good to know

HMB has high standards and pays attention to detail and gives you above and beyond as we help you to achieve. 

How we work:

  • You need to pass units 1-6 before we even consider looking at unit 7 with you - there are no exceptions. We believe that you need to have the learning journey of units 1-6 consolidated to then best aide you in achieving unit 7 to the best of your ability. So you know that when you do pass unit 7 you have also then completed this course and will feel more than ready start your career as a qualified Level 3 Pilates Mat Teacher.

  • You will have an HMB Tutor to support you, a HMB Assessor to mark your work, a HMB Internal Verifier to oversee the journey of all our students at HMB and ensure all work is of a consistent standard. Plus an AIQ External Verifier that works with the HMB Team to ensure a consistency of standards for all students working towards this qualification across the country.


We are very proud of the resources included with this course

What you get to support this course:

  • Access to the HMB student online lessons 1-12.

  • Zoom HMB Tutor sessions.

  • AIQ colour manual for units 1-7.

  • AIQ LAP (hard copy and a word doc version).

  • HMB colour manual (includes 117 Pilates exercises).

  • AIQ muscle manual.

  • HMB student handbook.

  • AIQ & HMB e-learning package on anatomy to further support units 1 & 4.

  • HMB class videos

  • One weekend of live training.

  • Ongoing support.

  • Join the HMB family

How do you sign up?

Sign up today!

Select Lesson 1

  • Here you will be asked to pay an initial £500 OR you can pay in full!

  • Once you have done this you will be granted access to lesson one.

  • From there you will be able to complete some initial forms and email them to us.

  • We will then sign you up to the course and post out all your resources.

  • We will also email you directly.

  • We will sign you up to the e-learning package  - you should get the link and specific password within a few working days direct from AIQ - this is to help with unit 1 & 4.

  • You will be able to see the content of lesson 1 immediately but you may prefer to wait for your resources to arrive.

  • At the end of the lesson you will see the link to purchase / move on to the next lesson.


Lump Sum = You can buy the course up front and have unlimited access to the online content for 12 months.


Pay as you go = You can buy each lesson / section, as you go, making it much more manageable. You only have each individual lesson available for 4 months from each purchase date on this plan. 

Can I do the course but not the assessment!

"I just want to do the course for fun, for my own learning - I don't wan't to do any assessment or exams..."


You will be surprised how often we are asked this. A lot of people just like to improve their knowledge of Pilates and enjoy the experience but have no desire to sit any exam and do the assessment process.

The cost remains the same, this also means you can change your mind midway through!

You can use your 1-1 time with your HMB Tutor as you wish, so you may like to base yours around your personal practice.

We are here for you and will work with each of you on an individual basis depending on your needs.

So just keep talking to us and we will do all that we can to help.

Can I get recognition for

approved prior learning (APL)

"I have recently 

completed a Level 3 Personal Trainers 

qualification  - can I get any credit?'


A few things will need to be checked and you will need to provide evidence of the course you did (certificate / letter from training organisation with unit breakdown).

We will then liaise with AIQ and see what we can offer you. But yes  - it could be possible that your APL means you don't have to do some units from the LAP.

You will though still have access to all the learning and resources regardless - but it can save you time!


The Breakdown

Pay as you go


Pay in one lump sum!


= Sign  up to course / all your resources / access to lesson 1


= Lesson 2


= Lesson 3


= Lesson 4


= 1 hour private Zoom with HMB Tutor


= Lesson 5


= Lesson 6


= Lesson 7


= Lesson 8


= 1 hour private Zoom with HMB Tutor


= Lesson 9


= Lesson 10


= Lesson 11


= Lesson 12


= 1 hour private Zoom with HMB Tutor


= 1 Day Group Training

 £1,490.00 paid as you reach each section

Or one lump sum = £1,341.00 (save 10% / £149)

This option gives you full access to the whole course immediately.

Any questions please ask,

we are always happy to help!