21st July 2020

Please note:

Physio appointments available 

* Telephone appointments

* Video appointments

* Face-to-face at The Atrium

Classes available:

* Online videos to rent 24/7

* Face-to-face classes returning as of

25th July (with an evolving timetable - we will continue to add more classes)

Harris Mind & Body COVID-19 Update

27th May 2020

The team at HMB have eagerly anticipated the news from the government this week in relation to the easing of lockdown and guidance on the phased return back to work. 


Given that there is no specific directive from the government / green light, for businesses like Harris Mind & Body to reopen, we look towards our clinical professional bodies for advice and guidance to ensure the protection and the health and well-being of our clients, team and their families are considered in the decisions we make. 


Following a review of the information that has come out over the last 48 to 72 hours Harris Mind and Body will remain closed for face-to-face appointments at this current time. Our remote physio consultations continue, as do our online classes that you can rent 24/7.


There were a number of key factors that we considered when making this decision and these factors will be considered on an ongoing basis in the hope that we will be able to return our face-to-face services in the near future

These factors include:

1) Infection and prevention and control measures. 

2) Access and availability to PPE personal protective equipment

3) Legal regulatory and professional responsibilities

4) Risk assessment of the working environments for which we are responsible

5) Patient risk assessment and clinical reasoning

6) The availability of remote consultation alternatives. 



Whilst we are in no doubt that there is a public need and desire access to the manual therapy and hands on services we offer, which is likely to grow over the course of time, our duty of care means we have a legal responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of care to our clients and to act in ways that protect their safety. By offering face-to-face services we do not believe at this time we can justify this given we have remote consultations available.  


The seriousness and gravity of transmitting and contracting COVID-19 at this time means, we cannot justify the benefits of seeing people with musculoskeletal injuries face-to-face or run any of our other face-to-face services.


This advice is also echoed by other professional bodies including BASRat and The Society of Sports Therapists. 


This said guidance is changing all the time and we will continue to adapt our policies and procedures in accordance with this guidance


We would also like to assure you that we are however planing our return to face-to-face working and are acquiring the correct PPE and instigating updated infection control policies and working procedures that will insure your health and well-being is sustained. 


Harris Mind & Body remain here to support you and we take great pride in our experienced teams flexibility and resilience by being able to provide you a quality online remote virtual experience that enables assessment diagnosis treatment, advice for the management of your pain and injuries and are online health and wellbeing classes that you can rent from the comfort of your own home. 


We are always working hard to facilitate the best and safest way to help you. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your HMB Team


Last updated:

Thursday 26th March 2020

In these unusual times we are all adapting to the ever changing advice. 

We have now closed in full for any face to face services until further notice.

Physio's are working from home and doing remote consultations only - such as telephone calls or on a social media platform such as Skype/ WhatsApp/ Zoom.

If you wish to make an appointment with a physio please call us on 01635 44882 or email us on info@harrismindandbody.com

Classes we now have a few online videos for you to watch and follow at home to help with your health and wellbeing - please click here - or go to our 'Videos' page. We will continue to add to this platform.

Training School we hope to have some online courses available soon!

For all updates - you can also follow us on Facebook (click here)

Thank you for your support, we are a small family run business. Every member of the HMB team cares deeply about all our clients. We only ever have your best interest at heart.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

We will continue to adapt. 

From our family to yours we wish you the best of health and more  - and hope you all remain safe.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your HMB Team