Cranio-Sacral & Myofacial Release Therapy 

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At HMB The Atrium in Thatcham

Janet Gray

working alongside the physio and pilates team at harris mind and body

Janet has a wealth of experience working with injuries, postural imbalances, emotional and stress related problems by using therapies that compliment each other. These therapies include Myofascial release, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Advanced massage techniques.

Head Massage

Results have been achieved helping to reduce stress levels, emotional problems, sleeping problems, soft tissue problems, postural problems, old/recent injuries, anxiety symptoms.  

A thorough consultation will decide which therapy(ies) to engage to help reduce the symptoms.

Fascial Release is a light touch body work therapy releasing fascial (soft tissue) tightness and re-balancing the body posture, reducing scar tissue from old or recent injuries, and stress release.  It can re-balance the body reducing aches and pains from slight twists through the body and hunching which may result from sitting/standing for many hours in the same position.  

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a light touch therapy working with the spinal and cranial system. It can work with certain medical symptoms, emotional issues and stress related issues. A few examples of the types of symptoms that can be worked on are injuries (old and new), stress and anxiety, emotional/trauma impacts, and insomnia. 

Advanced deep tissue and basic massage can be used in conjunction with fascial release and/or cranio-sacral therapy, or separately. These techniques will be used to work on muscles stress and imbalances that may have been caused through injuries, long hours sitting/standing and repetitive strain symptoms.

Postural assessment is a basis to improve and reduce aches and pains long term.  The aim is to strengthen core muscles as part of everyday activities. Breathing should be easy but many people these days are not breathing effectively.  This can cause low energy and long term has been linked to mental health problems.

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Therapy session pricing: 


90 mins £72.00

60 mins £52.00

45 mins £42.00

30 mins £32.00

Pay for five sessions in advance and receive one  free.

We look forward to welcoming you to HMB The Atrium