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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I come to physiotherapy?

If you have not been to your physiotherapist before you will have an intial consultation that will enable the physiotherapist to discuss your problems and assess you to determine more specifically what your problem is and how best physiotherapy can help you. Should you be recommended to have a course of physiotherapy follow up sessions will be arranged at appropriate intervals. For more information of the Initial assessment process and what treatments physiotherapy offers please 


Can I refer myself?

Yes you can. As well as accepting referrals from GP's Consultants, Health Insurance companies and Injury Claims The Newbury Clinic is able to assess your condition without a specific referral.


Can I Use my Health Insurance Policy?

Yes. The Newbury Clinic is recognised by all major Private Medical Insurance companies as well as smaller ones. For more information  


Do I need to see my Doctor?

No. If you are a self-referring patient you do not need to see your GP for physiotherapy. However if you then decide to take up your health insurance you may need to see your GP to activate your policy. 


What do I need to wear?

Part of the physiotherapy assessment will include a physical examination which involves looking at and feeling how your body moves to gain better understanding of your problem. Therefore it is recommended that you wear appropriate clothing that you feel comfortable in that enables that area of the body to be exposed. Shorts and a strappy top are often adequate. Occasionally you may be asked to undress to your underwear specifically for back problems so the whole spine can be assessed. If you feel uncomfortable doing this please let your physiotherapist know and we can provide you with a chaperone and discuss the best solution for assessing and treating the problem.