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Health Insurance FAQ's


All private medical insurance policies are activated in different ways and therefore it is highly recommended you consult your policy documents for further information.



If you have been authorised treatment please provide your membership details and Authorisation Number to your physiotherapist so that the billing process can be set up.


Without membership and authorisation details you may be expected to pay for your treatment up front but you will be given an authorised receipt to claim back should your policy allow this.



Once we have your policy number and authorisation details we are able to bill your insurer directly.


Excess & Outstanding Payments

The majority of policies have an excess for which you (the patient) will be liable and for which payment needs to be made direct to the clinic. Please make your self awear of the Excess amount as stated by your policy.
You will also be liable for any outstanding amounts from your treatment that your insurance policy does not cover. 



It is the responsibility of the Patient to be awear of the terms and conditions of their policy and to understand that charges not covered by the policy will be paid for in full by the Patient.