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Penny Post

Also covered our story
Thursday 17th June 2021

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Article in NWN paper
Thursday 17th June 2021

Wednesday 16th June 2021

We spoke with the case officer in the West Berkshire Planning department. 

Summary of the conversation:

  • Everyone that has logged an objection / comment will be notified when this case will go in front of a committee.

  • Due to Covid  restrictions we may not be able to be present at the committee.

  • So our advice is to reach out to our ward members of Thatcham, so they could speak on our behalf.

  • It was also suggested  that our objections alone may not be enough to stop planning.


 So we continue to drive up support to get our voice heard.


Friday 11th June 2021

We phoned West Berkshire Council Planning department but the case officer won't be back in the office till Tuesday and apparently only she can help us - so we will call again then.

For today though, we are continuing to embrace positivity, reading your comments and objections via the planning portal has really helped the whole team, we are humbled and grateful.

So since it's Friday and it is amazing what we can achieve when we work together.



Thursday 10th June 2021


Oh what a few days it has been.

There was a piece in the NWN paper today about Phoenix trying to get planning, we called the journalist that wrote the piece to find out more. He said that he wasn't asked to do it, he just had some column space to fill so looked at it as a property about to get planning, as when he looked on Monday morning only 4 people had registered an objection.


He couldn't believe it when he looked again and that in two days, just over 90 people had since objected. He then said we only need 10 objections for the council to have to look at it again - so since we had so many more this should then allow us to have it brought in front of a committee.


Tomorrow we will phone the council planning department and see if I can find out anymore.

Also today Becky noticed they put up a new planning application as well - we need to look into it but think this is to do with doing work to do the old house up.

Thank you for all your help and objections AND for sharing the news.

For today - job done.

Phil and I will re-group over the weekend and make a more formal next step but to keep our energy levels up we must celebrate the little wins - and today we were heard loud and clear - and that's worth celebrating.

Thank You

Sarah & Phil & The HMB Team


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Since Monday 7th June 2021- when we found out...


Over 50 people have helped us have our voice be heard – thank you so much.


If you too were hoping to support us please can you try to do by Thursday 10th June 2021.


We are not opposing this planning application / special education facility in the EMPTY buildings of The Grange, such as the large old manner house and 2nd barn BUT we are OBJECTING that it includes us in the 1st barn – The Atrium.


Another business ‘Raytheon” also run a long-standing successful business within The Grange too.


We would like our voice to be heard – that we too offer services for our local community and would like to stay. 


In an ideal world we could all exist within the grounds of the Grange. That this planning application is not accepted for the entire Grange just the empty buildings. That Harris Mind and Body can continue at The Atrium (1st barn) for many years to come.

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