Host a Harris Mind and Body Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Teacher Training Course.

You will need to have:

  • A suitable venue-

    • a good size room / space- big enough for up to 12 students and 1 educator (13 people in total) so plenty of floor space.

    • clean and comfortable space.

    • parking options.

    • access to facilities so students can have tea/coffee/juice snacks during breaks.

    • mats and pads x12 (it might be possible that students could bring these but we prefer them to be provided)

    • tables & chairs.

    • if possible a projector & screen and a flip chart board.

  • A minimum of 6 people book on the course for the course to run.

You will need to consider:

  • There is an extra cost for the course being run outside of The Atrium in Thatcham, Berkshire, England..

  • Currently our educators/assessor are based in Thatcham, Berkshire. (As this option develops it could be in time that there are HMB educators/assessors closer to you - please note we do also have one member of staff based in Bermuda if this happens to be closer to you - please enquire to find out more!)

  • You will need to factor in:

    • The cost of travel from the educators normal place of work (Thatcham, England).

    • If this is too far for a daily commute the educator will need B&B accommodation.

    • If the educator needs to stay over a budget of £25 per evening meal will need to be added.

    • The practical exam - will you also need an assessor to visit? - again HMB assessors are based in Thatcham, Berkshire. Students could do their practical exam at The Atrium or they could send a copy via a film.

    • If the course is outside of the UK then baggage costs to cover transporting all the manuals and resources need to be considered too.

  • All these costs would need to be added up in advance and then divided into 6 (minimum number for the course to run). This amount would then be needed to be added to the over course fee.

  • It is important for all concerned to try and keep these cost to a minimum for students but also ensuring the HMB educator or assessor is well looked after.

  • Students will be encouraged to do all work electronically so LAPs can be emailed efficiently to assessors and back to students.

  • Although there is a greater cost to students hopefully it is not too bad and we envisage the benefits out weigh this extra cost.

What are the benefits:

  • The course can be brought closer to you and therefore more convenient ...saving you time.

  • If the course is closer you might not need to travel or stay over night in a hotel...saving you money too.

  • As a group you split the cost of the educator/assessor coming to you.

  • Some venues maybe able to tie the experience in with a holiday, giving you/the student the ultimate luxury approach!

  • If you are a holiday venue then you can also benefit from additional revenue that way and maybe reduce the educator accommodation expenses - and passing this saving onto students - so they can spend it else where in the package.

What are the perks to hosting a course?

  • 50% off a place on your host course for you or another person of your choice OR £800 - this is activated after the first 6 people have booked on (making this person the 7th). 

  • Another 50% off a place on your host course (making that 100% off = 1 place free) for you or another person of your choice OR another £800 (making that £1600 in total) - this is activated after the first 10 people have booked on (making this person now the 11th).

  • If the course is full and 12 people are booked on - we will also give you a £500 bonus direct to your account.

  • So if the course is full (12 people) you can choose:

    • Either 1 person can book on for free AND you get a £500 bonus.

    • OR you just take the cash (£800 + £800 + £500) = £2100

  • This is to offset any venue and advertising costs.

  • We will also advertise your course and venue on our website / social media etc. We will also try to help to fill the course.

  • If you are a holiday venue you can help create tailor made packages.

If you are interested in hosting a course and finding out more please contact:

Sarah Harris

01635 44882