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Harris Mind & Body (HMB) Thatcham Berkshire - Physio & Pilates - 01635 44882
Harris Mind & Body (HMB) Thatcham Berkshire - Physio & Pilates - 01635 44882
HMB L3 Pilates Mat 
Teacher Training Course
Harris Mind & Body (HMB) Thatcham Berkshire - Physio & Pilates - 01635 44882
Yoga Class

Level 3 Pilates

New Course Coming Autumn 2023


HMB The Garden Clinic & Studio

Thatcham Garden Centre

RG18 3AN

Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Course​

Qualification Accreditation No: 501/1778/6

This course has been designed by:

Sarah Harris, 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher with a degree in teaching, also considered an official disciple of Lolita San Miguel. 

Philip Harris a Chartered Physiotherapist with a masters degree who works with professional athletes and runs a full-time physio clinic.

Active IQ guidelines in achieving the criteria required for the Diploma aspect of this qualification.

Type of course:


*Online theory

*5x practical training days

You can start your online work as soon as we receive your first payment.

You then need to select 5x practical training days


Sarah Harris = Tutor

Sarah Harris = Assessor

Becky Bailey = Internal Verifier

Pre Requisites

16+ years old

Some knowledge of Pilates

Prepared to study at L3 Diploma level (equivalant to one A'level)

What is a LAP?

This is a Learner Achievement Portfolio and creates the evidence needed to pass the course.

You can send your work in to be marked unit by unit.

5x Training day dates:


Please call or email to register your interest


AIQ full colour manual

HMB exercise manual

AIQ muscle manual

HMB Online lessons

AIQ & HMB e-learning platform


What do I have to do?

7x Units of work / LAP

*multiple choice papers


*lesson plan

*practical exam

Getting your work to us

*You can email us your work

*We will then add it to our pile and email it back to you within 6 weeks.

*Or you can give it to us as a hard copy


Pay in full £1950 (save 15%)


Pay in 6x instalments

Time Frame

Depends on students completing the work but everyone is encouraged to complete this within a year.

You may incur additiona costs if you run over a year

Final exam

Unit 7 = Practical exam

This is the last part of the course.

Here you will film yourself teaching an 60 min class and send it to us for marking

Approved Prior Learning


You maybe able to get credit from previous fitness industry qualifications

Email us to find out more

This is a demanding course, which will take time to complete but it is wonderful journey.

You have 7 units of work to complete but we will guide you each step of the way.

We can't wait to share this journey with you.

Good to know

Joseph Pilates founded and created the method now simply known as Pilates

Joseph Pilates trained and certified Lolita San Miguel (USA) Pilates Elder and 1st Generation Teacher

Lolita San Miguel trained and certified Sarah Harris as a 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher​.  Sarah also has a degree in teaching plus a qualified assessor and verifier.

Philip Harris is a chartered Physiotherapist with a masters degree, has worked with Athletes in Rugby such as the Barbarians, 2012 London Olympics, Commonwealth Games and much more.


Sarah has designed this course for you with the benefit of Philip's knowledge and experience added in. This is an actual qualification awarded through AIQ, who ensure you meet the standards and more to achieve this national framework qualification. This Level 3 Diploma is considered equal to one A'level and we will ensure you go above and beyond the minimum requirement to pass, to help you be the best teacher that you.


You will also be able to access REPs Level 3 teacher status, this will allow you to work in Health Clubs, Cruise Ships or set up by yourself. You can also register to the REP's equivalent in other countries / please note you don't have to sign up with REPs, and note it comes at a cost but some Health Clubs may require that you do.


Your might prefer to just enjoy the learning aspect of this course and not do any of the exams / written work. This means you would not be a qualified teacher but would have learnt a lot about Pilates and deepened your personal knowledge on the method.  This is absolutely fine and we are very happy to support you, the cost does not change but we will tailor our time with you to suit this need. The course is written as if you will do the exams but you can skip and move around the course to best suit you.


If you are a qualified Physio or other medical professional wanting to add Pilates to your clinic, we are also very happy to help and our team of Physio's can also offer you some support and advice on setting up clinical Pilates classes as small groups or as a 1-1 used as another treatment tool.

Philip and Sarah are husband and wife with 3 children, they own and run HMB The Atrium in Thatcham. This is a busy physio clinic and Pilates studio, there are 6 physios, 6 teachers, office staff and complimentary therapists as well as the training school team. We all practice what we preach and would love for you to visit us and join in a class and more. 

Please note that on the practical training days there could be a mixture of students, some students might be learning the Reformer or Studio Pilates repertoire 



Future Training:

Level 3 Older Adults (this is 25% of the Level 4 Pilates but also a stand alone certification)

Level 3 Pre and Post Natal (this is 25% of the Level 4 Pilates but also a stand alone certification)

Level 2 Children Fitness

Level 4 Pilates 

Harris Mind & Body (HMB) Thatcham Berkshire - Physio & Pilates - 01635 44882
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