Online Blended Learning

AIQ Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Course
& HMB Introductory Pilates Mat Teacher Status
Qualification Accreditation No: 501/1778/6 

This course has been designed by:

  • Sarah Harris, 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher with a degree in teaching, also considered an official disciple of Lolita San Miguel. 

  • Philip Harris a Chartered Physiotherapist with a masters degree who works with professional athletes and runs a full-time physio clinic.

  • Active IQ guidelines in achieving the criteria required for the Diploma aspect of this qualification.

Please note: 

Only lesson one (as of 18th Nov 2020) is currently available - more will be added soon as we transfer our course to the blended learning version. There is a lot in lesson one to get you started though. When you click start - you will then be asked to create an account with us - it will then ask for you payment.

All payments are non-refundable as you are given immediate access to the lesson content. So please make sure you are sure before your proceed with any payment.

How is the course run?


It is a blended online and face-to-face teacher training course.


There are 24 lessons in total. Most of these are done online at home with our support and resources. Lesson's 21 & 22 are face-to-face group training days (you can even repeat them if you would like). 


We ask you to do most of the theory and familiarising yourself with the method at home first, so that we can make those face-to-face group lessons as productive as possible.


You only sit your practical exam when you feel ready. You will record your practical exam and then send it in for marking.

It is our aim that once you have completed all 24 lessons that you feel 100% ready to start teaching real classes to real clients straight away.

How do I pay?

The course has been broken down into 24 lessons. You pay as you go - you pay to access each lesson. The money associated to each lesson is not representative of the lesson content though. We have spread out the cost to make it as manageable as possible. Please see a summary below.

How do I start?

First you purchase lesson 1, this will then give you immediate access to lesson 1. Lesson 1 is the most expensive, this is because it secures your commitment to the course and all your resources. Within lesson 1 it also asks you to complete some additional booking forms and then email them to us, this will also then give us your address to post all your resources to you 1st class / recorded delivery.

What resources are included?

  • Access to the HMB student online support/lessons 1-24 (on a pay as you go).

  • Zoom HMB Tutor sessions.

  • AIQ colour manual for units 1-7.

  • AIQ LAP (hard copy and a word doc version).

  • Purple file to store your LAP

  • HMB colour manual (includes 117 Pilates exercises).

  • AIQ muscle manual.

  • HMB student handbook.

  • AIQ & HMB e-learning package on anatomy to further support units 1 & 4.

  • HMB class videos

  • 2x face-to-face training days / lesson 21 & 22 (you can repeat them if you would like more).

  • Ongoing support.

  • Join the HMB family

What do I get in lesson 1?

  • Access to the HMB student online support/lessons 1

  • AIQ colour manual for units 1-7.

  • AIQ LAP (hard copy and a word doc version).

  • Purple file to store your LAP

  • HMB colour manual (includes 117 Pilates exercises).

  • AIQ muscle manual.

  • HMB student handbook.

  • AIQ & HMB e-learning package on anatomy to further support units 1 & 4.

  • Ongoing support.

  • Join the HMB family

As soon as we get your booking form and address we will post out all your hard copy resources. We endeavour to have these to you within a week if not sooner.

How do I complete the course?

Complete your LAP - Learner Achievement Portfolio (7 units in total )

  1. Anatomy & physiology for exercise and health                            

    • multiple choice exam paper ​(1) 

  2. Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity

    • worksheet (2a/2b)

  3. Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment                          

    • worksheet (3)

  4. Principles of exercise, fitness and health 

    • multiple choice exam paper (4)

  5. Principles of Pilates matwork 

    • worksheet (5)

  6. Programming Pilates matwork                                                                          

    • client interview (6a)

    • group profile (6b)  

    • lesson plan (6c)

    • worksheet (6d)

  7. Instructing Pilates Matwork 

    • practical exam (7a/7b)

You can email or post us your LAP/work for marking.


Email is more efficient as you can email it to us to mark and then we can email it back to you once it is marked. If you need to make any amendments you do it within the same document, you can add your new work in a different colour then email it to us again etc.

Please note you do not need to print it off at the end, the LAP can be completed in a paperless fashion. But of course you can print it all off if you wish or just use the hard copy of the LAP.

You need to pass units 1-6 before we even consider looking at unit 7 with you - there are no exceptions. We believe that you need to have the learning journey of units 1-6 consolidated to then best aide you in achieving unit 7 to the best of your ability. So you know that when you do pass unit 7 you have also then completed this course and will feel more than ready start your career as a qualified Level 3 Pilates Mat Teacher.

You will have an HMB Tutor to support you, a HMB Assessor to mark your work, a HMB Internal Verifier to oversee the journey of all our students at HMB and ensure all work is of a consistent standard. Plus an AIQ External Verifier that works with the HMB Team to ensure a consistency of standards for all students working towards this qualification across the country.

At HMB we have high standards and pay attention to detail and give you above and beyond the standard help, to help you to achieve this qualification. 

How quick is my worked marked and returned to me?

We ask all students to allow 6 weeks from us receiving their work, marking it and then returning it to them.

All work from all students is put in a pile in the order that we receive it. The HMB Assessors then work though it in a methodical order.

You can send you work in unit by unit, in fact we encourage this. It can feel great to see that you are slowing ticking element of work off.

So please ensure you send work to us that you feel is to the best of your ability and 100% complete to prevent unwanted delays.

Your HMB Tutor can glance at your work though to let you know you are on the right track. This will not be done in detail but can help if you are concerned. Remember your HMB Tutor is here to help.

Can I get Approved Prior Learning (APL) for previous courses/qualifications?


A few things will need to be checked and you will need to provide evidence of the course you did (certificate / letter from training organisation with unit breakdown).

We will then liaise with AIQ and see what we can offer you. But yes  - it could be possible that your APL means you don't have to do some units from the LAP.

You will though still have access to all the learning and resources regardless - but it can save you time and we maybe able to offer you a discount off your final practical exam.

Can I do the course but not worry about the assessment (as I just want to do it for myself)?


You will be surprised how often we are asked this. A lot of people just like to improve their knowledge of Pilates and enjoy the experience but have no desire to sit any exams or do the assessment process.

The cost remains the same and you are encouraged to complete the course in full - you can then of course change your mind at any point and then submit the assessment. This also means you could have the option to teach if you wish at a later date - but of course the choice is yours.

You can use your 1-1 time with your HMB Tutor as you wish, so you may like to base yours around your personal practice.

We are here for you and will work with each of you on an individual basis depending on your needs.

So just keep talking to us and we will do all that we can to help.

What are the prerequisites to signing up to this course?

  • Age 16 years +

  • Some knowledge of Pilates is valuable.

  • Understand that the work set and expected from you is at the level 3 diploma standard and that HMB has its own high standards too.

  • Appreciate that this is a blended online course:

    • You will study theory online.

    • You have to physically practice what you learn.

    • You have written work to complete - 7 units.

    • You will have lots of home study.

    • You will have online sessions with your HMB Tutor via Zoom.

    • Two days of group face-to-face training.

    • Need to film elements of your teaching including your final practical exam for assessment - this is the final step on this course.


Please note - you are encouraged to complete this course within ONE year  of purchasing your first lesson. You can work at your own pace, some will work through all this quicker than others - please keep in contact with your HMB Tutor who will support you through this course every step of the way.


Within your course registration you will need to prove who you are with a driving license or passport and 10 second video.

Are they any extra costs?

There are two books that you are asked to order from a bookshop etc. This information is provided within lesson 1. There are also some other books listed that you might find useful.

You can request additional private zoom meetings with your HMB Tutor. Depending on how long and what you need, this may be charged at £50 per half hour.

If you need to re-sit your anatomy exams U1 & U4, this is £50 per test.

If you require lots of help and written feedback for your lesson plan (6c) above and beyond your allocated 2 hours of your HMB Assessors time just for this section. There will be a fee of £30p/h.

If you wanted more group face-to-face teaching days you can purchase lessons 21 & 22 as many times as you like. There are set dates within the year that you can attend.


If you are referred on your final practical exam you will need to purchase lesson 24 again.

Please note that we will do everything we can to help you without incurring extra costs but all students are different and some fly through the content whilst others need a lot of additional support - this allows for students at both ends of this spectrum as well as those that are somewhere in the middle.


Cost Break Down

At the end of each lesson you then have the option to buy the next

Any questions please ask,

we are always happy to help!