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Reading List

Please purchase these two books THEY are essential to this course:​


The Pilates Bible

By Lynn Robinson

A great resource for any teacher. 

Please note that the names of exercises vary, please ensure during this course you refer to them as listed in your HMB manual for easy shared reference between you and your

HMB Assessor


Return to Life

Through Contrology

By Joseph PIlates


These are Joe's mat exercises, they are tough!

We will cover them lightly during this course and introduce you to them but know that they are too hard for most of our clients.


Every Pilates teacher should have this book on their book shelf though!


Most 'current/modern' Pilates mat exercises are building blocks towards the exercises shown in Return to Life, which is what we will mostly be concentrating on during this course,

this will allow you to make your classes accessible to all; whilst fun, safe and effective.

They can be challenging, they can be kind...we will teach you to help your clients,

find the right challenge point for them.


Please note we cover Joe's Contrology exercises in detail during our

HMB Advanced Pilates Mat Teacher Training Course. 

These books are on our 'recommended reading list' and can also be very helpful:


Your Health

By Joseph Pilates

A great resource for any teacher, Joe's 2nd book


Pilates Anatomy

By Rael Isacowitz




Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery

By Eric Franklin


A wonderful resource to help you develop you imagery cueing 



Human Anatomy Colouring Book

By Margaret Matt




The Anatomy of Pilates

By Paul Massey