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Women's Health

Breast Cancer Physiotherapy

with HMB Specialist Physiotherapist Kerri Cripps

Roughly 78% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are surviving for 10 years or more as a result of current treatments, but how many of these women are having to live each day with the side effects of their cancer treatments and surgery? 

This is where physiotherapy can help! 

At HMB we have Kerri who has worked as a specialist physiotherapist alongside one of 

Reading’s breast surgeons for over 10 years. Kerri is qualified to treat women who have had all different types of surgery for breast cancer including mastectomy, lumpectomy, oncoplastic surgery, breast reconstruction, wide local excision or node clearances. 

Kerri uses hand’s on fascial release techniques to help with: 

* restoring normal range of movement back to the shoulder on the operated side, 

* mobilising scar tissue after a mastectomy, wide local excision or reconstruction which can cause that really tight feeling across the chest, back or up into the armpit and limit shoulder range of motion, 

* cording (also sometimes called axillary web syndrome) which can cause tight and often painful threadlike bands down the operated arm or trunk after clearance of lymph nodes 

*and strengthening exercises to restore power to the upper limb, trunk and abdominal muscles of those women who have had reconstructive surgery so that they can return to work, sports and hobbies safely. 


Women can be referred to Kerri by their GP, if they are an NHS patient, or directly if self-funded. 

Harris Mind & Body is also recognised by all private healthcare insurance provider.

Pink Ribbon Pilates

with HMB Physiotherapist & Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Teacher Clare Cox

We also have a brand new Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Pilates class run by Clare Cox, starting soon. This class is specifically tailored to women who have had surgery and treatment for breast cancer. The classes are designed to be safe and at the same time effective at improving mobility, function and a return to an active lifestyle.


Research studies correlate the positive effects of a safe exercise programme on different aspects of life expectancy and lifestyle of the Breast Cancer survivor or sufferer.

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