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Your Treatment


What to expect:

If you have not seen a physiotherapist before this short guide will help you understand the process your physiotherapist will go through.


Initial Assessment:

Your first visit is called an Initial assessment and can last from 30-45 minutes. During the initial assessment you will meet your physiotherapist and get the chance to explain you problem.


Your therapist will ask you a series of questions that will inform them further about your condition which will help support their diagnosis and aid formation of a treatment plan with you. This is known as the 'Subjective Assessment'


During your initial assessment you will also be 'Objectively assessed'. This involves the physiotherapist looking at the body part causing you problems. It is important therefore that you think about what clothes to wear to help expose the body part whilst maintaining your decency. A chaperone is always welcome to accompany you if you do not feel comfortable with this.


At the end of your Initial assessment the physiotherapist will explain their findings and educate you about your problem so you can start to help yourself.  A treatment plan will be agreed upon so you know what to expect in order to meet your treatment goals.


Follow up appointments:

Future appointments will be booked if appropriate which will usually be 30 minute sessions. During these treatment sessions as well as receiving treatment your exercises may be progressed to enhance your rehabilitation.


If the Physiotherapist once having assessed you does not think that a course of physiotherapy would be of benefit or if you are required to have further investigation or a consultant opinion you will told.