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"Have you thought about screen mirroring your device to your TV?" Sarah x

Channel 1.

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Two Channels:
1. Paid
  • Rent for 24 hours 
  • Or a £20 monthly subscription for unlimited viewing.
  • 20 second free preview.
  • Please watch this video for more guidance if needed.
2. Free
  • A selection of free videos for you to view at any point

Please note if you choose the £20 monthly option, this is a recurring payment but you can cancel it at any point.

This will show on your statement as Harris Mind & Body or Wix Payments ONLY.

It is easier to see your account details when logged in and accessed via a PC (as apposed to your phone)


Channel 2.

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  • If there is a movement in a class video that doesn't suit you, please adapt, rest or do an alternative.


  • If you are new to us or Pilates we really recommend you check our class 1000 first

  • Any questions please ask us - we are very happy to help

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