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"have you thought about screen mirroring your device to your TV?" Sarah x

Two Channels:
1. Paid
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  • Or a £20 monthly subscription for unlimited viewing.
  • 20 second free preview.
  • Please watch this video for more guidance if needed.
2. Free
  • A selection of free videos for you to view at any point

Please note if you choose the £20 monthly option, this is a recurring payment but you can cancel it at any point.

This will show on your statement as Harris Mind & Body or Wix Payments ONLY.

It is easier to see your account details when logged in and accessed via a PC (as apposed to your phone)

More videos coming soon!

Channel 1.

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  • Or if viewing via your mobile phone - you will need to swipe the images to the left to find the one you want.

Channel 2.




  • If you are new to our classes please click on the image below to complete a 'Health Screening Form'.


  • If you are doing a face-to-face class at The Atrium you will need to complete a form before starting your first class with us. It is good practice to do this even if just doing a video class - we can then help and advise you accordingly.

  • You are very welcome to email or post us a copy of your health screening form and/or then discuss with us what type of class / movements will best suit you.

  • If you are unsure or have questions about your health and appropriateness to do Pilates or any exercise class, contact us and if deemed necessary consult your GP before starting any class too.

  • If there is a movement in a class video that doesn't suit you, please adapt, rest or do an alternative - move in a way that is nourishing and kind for your body. Please click here for more information 

  • If you are new to us or Pilates we really recommend you check our class 1000 first.

  • Any questions please ask us - we are very happy to help.

Please complete and keep updated. Your Pilates Teacher and/or studio will need a copy of this.

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