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  • If you are new to our classes please click on the image below to complete a 'Health Screening Form'.

  • If you are doing a face-to-face class at The Atrium you will need to complete a form before starting your first class with us.

  • If you are doing a video class, we still ask that you consider these health factors.

  • You are very welcome to email or post us a copy of your health screening form and/or then discuss with us what type of class will best suit you.

  • Also if doing a video class, you can see the questions we would normally ask our face-to-face clients, this could then prompt you to want to check something out with your GP before starting a class.

  • If there is a movement in a class video that doesn't suit you, please adapt / change or miss it - move in a way that is nourishing for your body.

  • If you are new to us or Pilates we really recommend you check our class 1000 first.

  • Any questions please ask us - we are very happy to help.

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Class Level Guide:

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