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3001 Yoga Vinyasa

Individual Video

Rent Price


Video length

66 minutes

Or pay £20 a month

for unlimited viewing of all our videos

Equipment: mat & pillow/pads

3001 Yoga Vinyasa


Sarah Harris

2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher
Official Disciple of Lolita San Miguel
200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Level 4 Specialist Teacher
HMB Tutor & Assessor (BA Ed Hons)

There is a lot of weight bearing in this class but there are ways for you to adapt, you could also choose to hold the poses for a shorter amount of time. It is important that you breathe freely in all positions, so ensure you move in a kind and nourishing way for you. At the end of the class you can allow the video to finish but hold the final relaxation pose (Savasana) for as long as you wish.

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