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Thank you for deciding to make a purchase with us and committing to a clinical appointment, mind body class or personal appointment.


Your payment is made through a system operated by Mindbody and Optimal Payments, they ensure your online payments and details are secure.


If you need to contact us regarding your purchase or booking, please call us on 01635 44882 (Monday to Friday) or email us at info@harrismindandbody.com or info@physiohealthcare.co.uk. We will do our best to help.


All sales are final.


Cancellations must be made with 24 hours or you will be charged the full amount.


All information in this website should be accurate. However, we cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions in this information.


If you have any issues when trying to book, please contact us.


If you make an error when booking, please contact us.


If you can’t book the class or appointment that you want, please contact us and we will do all that we can to help.


With regards to the handling and collecting any personal information, all such information is processed in accordance with local law and are not sold to third parties. We respect and honour your privacy.


We will always do all that we can to help.


Please also see below for more information on our class bookings.




2016 Class booking information:


This is our new 'liability release waiver' for 2016 and you will have chance to agree to these terms when logging on to our online booking system. If you are a current client you will mostly know all the information below but please take the time to remind yourself.


If you are a new client welcome to Harris Mind & Body (HMB), please take the time to read through the below points carefully.


  • It is important that everybody completes a 'HMB Health Screening Form' on a yearly basis. Please email us to request yours or arrive early to your class and ask for one at reception. Alternatively you can use this link to download one now and bring it with you already complete: http://media.wix.com/ugd/e76e72_37a922d3f5134fdead58e9aaf97f5192.pdf

  • It is your responsibility to always ensure your health screening form and contact details are kept up-to-date, to help us best support you. So please let us know if anything changes throughout the year.

  • It is your responsibility to inform your teacher of any changes to your health - on a class to class basis, so that we can offer you the best care.

  • You ALSO have a profile page within your online booking account, the more information you add to that and the more you can keep that updated too, the better our online system works for you. So please take some time to update your profile page regularly.

  • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a class in advance of 24 hours of your class starting (an early cancellation) your account with us is credited in full. If you cancel with less than 24 hours before your class starts (a late cancellation) you will be charged the full amount.

  • No shows are charged the full class amount.

  • All classes and private sessions must be paid for in advance - no bookings can be made, without full payment in advance.

  • All sales are final, no refunds are given.

  • All sales are valid for 1 year from your purchase date and sit as credit  on our online booking system. After that point if they have not been used, they are no longer valid.

  • All early cancellations are automatically credited back to your account with us and valid until the 1 year purchase date expires.

Occasionally classes don't run but we always try our hardest to ensure that they do, the next few points cover what happen's at these times:

  • GROUP classes will NEVER run with just ONE person booked on and it is your responsibility to check that you are not the only person booked on. Our online booking system does not have the capacity to notify you of this rule, so please make it your habit to check the numbers before you make your journey to us. You will not be charged if this happens and of course we will try our very hardest to notify you in advance but if we are both keeping an eye on this it helps you not make an unnecessary trip.

  • If you are the only person booked on to a 'Group Class' you can  purchase the additional 2nd place to ensure the class will run but we recommend you do this well in advance as the teacher may cancel the class 24 hours before if they see it only has one person booked on. If then another person does book on we will issue you an early cancellation on your '2nd place', please ask at reception.

  • If we regrettably cancel a class we will always try our hardest to do so with at least 24 hours notice but bad weather or unforeseen circumstances may at times make this not possible. You will receive an automatic email notifying you of any cancellations made by us (so please make sure we always have your preferred email address to help this service be the most efficient for you). Therefore we also suggest you check your emails before a class is scheduled to start.

How to keep up-to-date with all our latest news and class information:

  • If you wish you can follow your class bookings with us via an app, please follow this link https://www.mindbodyonline.com/get-the-app you then need to look for our business Harris Mind & Body. The app is called 'mind body connect'.

  • Up-to-date information can also be found on our website www.harrismindandbody.com.

We are very grateful for all our wonderful clients and this statement is designed to help ensure all our clients are treated fairly. If you have any questions at any point please always feel free to ask.


Best Wishes,


Sarah & Philip Harris

Tel - 01635 44882
Email - info@harrismindandbody.com