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Run5 Assessment

Enjoy. Improve. Excel

All levels from beginners to Elite runners can benefit from a  Run5 assessment to help you enjoy improve and excel in your running journey and help prevent injury.

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Run5 Assessment  



Run5 Running assessment is designed to support you on your running journey.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to excel, the Run5 running assessment can help you enjoy and improve your running, reducing the risk of injury as well as enabling you to achieve your goals.


What is it?

Chartered physiotherapists with expertise in running will assess your running style giving you feedback on what you can do to run more efficiently and prevent injury from occurring.


What can you expect?

The assessment will involve 3 important aspects to provide a holistic and personnel approach to your running.


1. Lifestyle – Understand your current activity levels and how work and family may impact your training.

Run5 will give you strategies and a training program to ensure you can achieve your goals.

2. Biomechanical – An assessment of your body to consider joint mobility and muscle imbalance as well as what type of trainer may be best for you.

Run5 will give you feedback including a specific mobility and strength program for you.

3. Functional - An analysis of your running technique


Run5 will review your running technique with you giving you feedback on how to improve your efficiency.


In addition, our assessments will be able to provide us with information about 

  • ‘What type of trainer may be best for you.’

  • ‘Recover Strategies.’

  • ‘Any need to see another health professional’


The service is also available online, following our simple steps to provide some short recordings of your running technique.


If you are interested, please enter your details here, and we will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to see you.

£100 per private assessment

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