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HMB Intermediate Pilates Matwork Teacher Status

25% credit towards your L4 Pilates Matwork Status

Learn to adapt your Pilates Mat sessions with small pieces of equipment!

2 Day Course

September 2019

9am - 5pm

Cost £500

*Includes £100 worth of small equipment

HMB Educator / Tutor:

Heather Collins

L3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork Qualification.
50 hours teaching logged.
Course Aims:
To teach qualified Pilates Mat Teachers (L3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork) how to better understand progression & regression of Pilates Mat exercises and how to adapt Pilates mat exercises using small equipment.
  • Students will leave feeling confident that they can better adapt and regress exercises.
  • Students will leave feeling confident that they understand how to add and use small props in their Pilates mat exercise sessions.
  • Students will leave feeling they can write further varied lesson plans using Pilates Mat exercises and small pieces of equipment.
This course will also add up to 25% credit towards the Level 4 Award in Instructing Pilates Matwork
Course Objective:
Learners will:
  1. Produce a log of them teaching 50 hours or more of Pilates Mat classes as a pre-requisite.
  2. Understand how to link the components of fitness to a Pilates class and how to use that to help regress and progress a class.
  3. How to progress and regress better the Pilates mat exercises that they learnt in their initial L3 training.
  4. Know how to use their new developed skills of progression and regression to create new and varied classes.
  5. Understand how to work with a case study (client) and draw out their SMART goals and test exercises to monitor a clients overall progress.
  6. Know the importance of review periods when with working with clients and know when to regress and progress in a general term as well as specific exercises.
  7. Understand the health and safety of using small pieces of equipment such as the roller / band / Pilates ring / weighted balls / soft small ball.
  8. Learn additional exercises / repertoire linked to the small pieces of equipment such as the roller / band / Pilates ring / weighted balls / soft small ball.
  9. Understand the challenges these small pieces of equipment offer our clients and how to progress and regress their impact.
  10. Write a lesson Pilates Mat lesson plan using the small props.
  11. Feel ready to offer their own clients and classes Pilates mat session integrating small pieces of equipment with a better understanding of how to progress and regress to suit each client.
  12. Complete a Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP) covering two units proving their knowledge.
As home study complete a Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP) - 2 units.
  1. Understanding modes of progression and regression in a Pilates environment.
  2. Adapting a mat-based Pilates session using small equipment.
£100 of free equipment with this course - so you can start practising straight away!
1x White Foam Roller
2x 1kg Weighted Balls
1x Medium Resistance Band
1x Beginners Resistance Loop Band
1x Pilates Ring
1x Small Soft Ball.
1x Bag for storage
Receive your kit on the first day of the course.
How to book:
  • You can book online soon! Please click here (you will need to set up an account if new to us or log in if already done so before).
  • Then go to the date TBC
  • You will then see the course, please select book on and pay as guided.
  • Or you can call us or call in!
  • 01635 44882
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