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Harris Mind & Body (HMB) Thatcham Berkshire - Physio & Pilates - 01635 44882
Harris Mind & Body (HMB) Thatcham Berkshire - Physio & Pilates - 01635 44882
HMB Reformer Pilates Teacher
Training Course
Harris Mind & Body (HMB) Thatcham Berkshire - Physio & Pilates - 01635 44882
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HMB Reformer

New Course Coming Autumn 2023


HMB The Garden Clinic & Studio

Thatcham Garden Centre

RG18 3AN

HMB Reformer Pilates Certification

This course has been designed by:

Sarah Harris, 2nd Generation Master Pilates Teacher with a degree in teaching, also considered an official disciple of Lolita San Miguel. 

Philip Harris a Chartered Physiotherapist with a masters degree who works with professional athletes and runs a full-time physio clinic.


Type of course:


*Online theory

*4x practical training days

You can start your online work as soon as we receive your first payment.


Sarah Harris = Tutor

Sarah Harris = Assessor

Becky Bailey = Internal Verifier

Pre Requisites

L3 Pilates Diploma

You will need to submit a copy of your certificate



4x Training day dates:

Coming soon

Call or email us to register your interest


HMB exercise manual

HMB Online lessons

What do I have to do?

*assessment paper

*checklist of objectives

*show competency 

Getting your work to us

Most of your work for this certification is done within the course online study or practical sessions

But you will need to devise your own plan for lots of practice 


Pay in full £1000 (save 15%)


Pay in 4x instalments

Time Frame

Depends on students completing the work but everyone is encouraged to complete this within a year.

All being well you will receive your certifcate on your  last practical day if you 100% up to date

Final exam

No final exam

Approved Prior Learning


Not given but you will be able to move through the ocntent quicker if you have prior experience.

Good to know

Theory for this course is delivered by online resources

Course Aims:

  • To teach qualified Pilates Mat Teachers (L3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork) how to safely and confidently teach Pilates using the Pilates Reformer with an initial repertoire.

  • Students will leave feeling confident that they can induct clients safely to use the reformer.

  • Students will leave feeling they can teach from he HMB example plan.

  • Students will leave feeling confident that they can teach a reformer class and modify it to suit their clients, by tailoring each class to best suit their individual needs.

  • Students will leave feeling they can write further varied lesson plans.

Course Objective:

Learners will:

  1. Understand the health and safety of using the reformer equipment.

  2. Know how to induct a new client so they can use the reformer safely.

  3. Know how to teach from the HMB example plan / reformer classes whilst mindful of 1-1’s and group classes.

  4. Know how to adapt, regress and progress a reformer class so they can tailor each class to suit the individual needs of their clients.

  5. Learn additional exercises / repertoire on the reformer.

  6. Write and present their own lesson plan sharing their choices – to enable future growth.

  7. Undergo assessment to prove their knowledge and participation in the course.


  1. Assessment paper – 80% pass rate

  • Health & Safety of the reformer and knowledge of the reformer.

  • Inducting a client.

  • Knowledge of a one hours class.

  • Knowledge of reformer exercise repertoire and how to adapt / regress / progress.

  • Teaching a reformer class.

    2. Checklist = 100% (Continued Assessment via the Educator) - Ensuring students have fully           participated completed the training

  • Check list to be marked off during the course – showing the student is confident and competent in all areas.

  • Educator will keep communicating with the student so they can best achieve this over the four days.


HMB The Garden Clinic & Studio, Thatcham.

How to book:

You can call us 01635 44882

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